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How to Choose Suitable Stage LED Display?

How to Choose Suitable Stage LED Display?

In large-scale performances, parties, concerts and events, we often see various stage LED displays. So what is a stage rental display? When choosing a stage LED display, how to better choose the right product?
First, stage LED display is actually an LED display used for projection in the stage background. The biggest feature of the rental LED display is that it can provide rich stage background display functions, and combine realistic pictures, videos and shocking music effects to create a spectacular and modern scene. The stage LED display can also play large and clear live pictures, creating a sense of immersion that subverts the traditional visual experience.

stage background LED display
Second, stage background LED display consists of the main stage LED screen, auxiliary LED screen and extended LED screen. The main LED screen features live and great playback. Usually, main LED screen with a smaller pitch is selected, and pixel pitch is generally within P6. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the current stage LED display pitch is generally within P3.91, P2.97, P3, P2.6, P2 .5, P2, etc. are hot selling. The larger the size, the better the effect. In this way, the scene of the stage LED display screen can be smoothly displayed in front of the audience. There will be multiple subscreens on either side of the main screen. The sub-screen can be selected from creative rental display, S-shaped curved screen, flexible LED screen, cylindrical LED screen and other special-shaped LED screens. If the budget is limited, the screens at both ends can also choose to use low-cost large-pitch rental LED displays. The stage video expansion screen is generally used for super large stages, concerts, etc. In order to take care of the audience in the back row, all the audience can clearly see everything on the stage.

stage LED display
Third, in addition to selecting the stage rental LED screen, the rental display also needs to choose a suitable control system. Generally, the stage LED display screen has a large area, high pixels, and a large number of transmission cards. Sometimes multiple control cards are needed to realize cascade splicing control. If we want better display, we usually need to use a video processor, so that we can splicing and cutting videos, realizing multiple windows, and displaying images in images. Strong extensibility, the video effect is more delicate and smooth.
Fourth, due to the particularity of the stage LED display, a fixed-size die-cast aluminum LED cabinet is generally used, which is easy to disassemble, light in weight, and easy to transport. It is suitable for large area rental and fixed rental display installation applications.

Post time: Oct-11-2022